Key Behavioral Indicator Analysis for Branding

Base Text


We support organizations to establish a relationship with their stakeholders to create a "perceived" connection with each of them.

To get into the mental map of the journeys that people go through in their daily lives and the agenda of what they have to do and to experience, making the brand relevant, differentiated and preferred.

Science & Technology + Social & Cultural Norms + Context » Experience, Relationship, Impact, Growth

How do we make this possible?

Our platform analyses text flows in all types of digital ambience, including online social media, communication platforms, call centers, e-mails, and similar, using Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Semiotics and Linguistics.

It gives to the organization perspectives and cognitive insights about sentiments, emotions and mental processes expressed by their stakeholders.

What is the platform basic data?

Texts are our basic data. We have developed proprietary lexicons which combined with our algorithmic processes lead us to the interpretations of the text flows.

It can be applied to structured or unstructured data ambience. And if your data are in other formats, such as audio, it is transformed into text (the technology includes multilingual support).

Why analyze the context?

Establish a systematic process of analysis of the internal and external environment where the organization operates for the continuous evolution of the business plan and for the direction of actions. The analysis of the organizational context helps to identify risks, trends, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, in addition to acting in the development of plans, strategies, skills and knowledge.

How does Relattivo operate?

Our structure and platform allow an extremely flexible operation.

We suggest a Strategy and Management squad and a Operational squad that manages the interactions with the stakeholders, including monitoring, profiling, understanding and intervention.

Our platform can also operate as an assisted or autonomous support technology for Social Media Agents or any other type of agents / softwares.

Analysis Result

Based on the provided information, here's the Key Behavioral Indicator (KBI) Analysis for the brand "Relattivo":

  • Relattivo

  • Positive

  • Trust: 0.8
  • Interest: 0.7
  • Anticipation: 0.6

  • Analytical: 0.9
  • Reflective: 0.8
  • Pragmatic: 0.7

  • Engagement: 0.8
  • Adaptability: 0.7
  • Observation: 0.6

Brand General Characteristics
  • Relattivo integrates technology and human-centric approaches to analyze stakeholder communications. It leverages advanced analytics, AI, and cognitive science.

Brand Relationship Style
  • The brand fosters strong, informed relationships through continuous interaction and understanding of stakeholders' sentiments and needs.

Brand Learning Style
  • Adapts and evolves based on ongoing analysis of complex data sets, demonstrating a commitment to continuous learning and improvement.

Brand Communication Style
  • Relattivo communicates through data-driven insights, emphasizing clarity, precision, and relevance in stakeholder interactions.

Brand Working Rhythm
  • The brand operates with a flexible and dynamic rhythm, adapting quickly to new information and stakeholder interactions.

Brand Challenges
  • Navigating the vast and complex nature of digital communication channels and ensuring accurate interpretation of sentiments and contexts.

Brand Marketplace
  • Positioned at the intersection of technology and social sciences, serving organizations looking to deepen stakeholder relationships through data-driven insights.

Brand Values
  • Innovation, Insight, Adaptability, Stakeholder-Centricity, and Continuous Learning.

Brand Tagline
  • "Insightful Connections for a Digital World"

Brand Improvement Guidance
  • Continue enhancing the accuracy and depth of sentiment analysis to maintain relevance in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Foster deeper engagement with stakeholders by personalizing insights and interventions based on unique stakeholder profiles.
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