Key Behavioral Indicator Analysis for Human Resources

Base Text

Founder and CEO of AI Systems Research (AISR), a high technology and consulting company specialized in analytics, decision support and artificial intelligence solutions mainly for strategic planning, scenarios simulation and analysis, risk management and compliance, innovation management, sales portfolio optimization, resource allocation optimization, supply chain optimization and business processes optimization. Founder and CEO of INOVACE Studio, an innovation and design company for processes, services, products, initiatives and organizations considering ESG + R (Resilience) issues as a basis in order to create a positive impact. As an AISR spin-off, its technological base allows INOVACE Studio to apply advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence technologies in Innovation and Design. And responsible for the AISR's social responsibility initiative "Making Smart Cities"*.

Serves as ARISE Board Member since 2017 and focal point of ARISE for South America and the Caribbean, and for Brazil since 2015.

Based in São Paulo, he has over 20 years of experience on business process optimization and restructuring and on decision models based on analytics.

Holds a MSc in Technologies of Intelligence and Digital Design (Cognitive Sciences), a specialization in Business and Administration and a BSc in Computer Science. Invited professor of Expert Systems and of Analytical Intelligence/Business Analytics for more than 5 years in the Master in Business and Information Systems at Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC/SP). Currently his research focus is on intelligent agents to support decision making processes.

* - The "Making Smart Cities" initiative (, presented on the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai, is dedicated to make cities smarter and resilient by supporting the development and implementation of integrated strategies and planning considering the Sendai Framework, the SDGs, Climate Change Agreement, the New Urban Agenda - Habitat III, and the Agenda for Humanity. Today the initiative impacts more than 40 million people.

Analysis Result

Based on the provided text, the Key Behavioral Indicator (KBI) Analysis for the individual in question can be summarized as follows:

  • Very Positive

  • Admiration (0.9): The individual's achievements, including founding and leading companies and initiatives focused on AI, analytics, and social responsibility, strongly suggest a sense of admiration from peers and colleagues.
  • Interest (0.85): The involvement in diverse areas such as AI, innovation management, and smart cities indicates a high level of interest in these domains.
  • Joy (0.8): The positive impact of their work, especially in areas like smart cities and ESG, implies a sense of joy or fulfillment derived from these activities.

  • Conscientiousness (0.95): The detailed and diverse professional endeavors, especially in high-level analytics and decision-making, reflect a highly conscientious approach.
  • Openness (0.9): Demonstrated through the engagement in innovative fields and continuous academic involvement, indicating a mindset open to new ideas and continuous learning.
  • Extraversion (0.8): Leadership roles, public speaking, and board memberships suggest a tendency towards extraversion.

  • Cohesion (0.9): The ability to found and lead organizations, especially in innovative fields, indicates a strong sense of social cohesion.
  • Engagement (0.85): Active involvement in various initiatives and roles reflects a high level of engagement with professional and social communities.
  • Respect (0.8): The individual's career achievements and leadership positions suggest they are likely held in high regard, indicating respect from others.

Overall Insight Analysis into KBI
  • The individual displays a highly positive behavioral profile characterized by strong leadership, innovation, and a commitment to social responsibility. Their emotional landscape is dominated by admiration, interest, and joy, aligning with their successful career and impactful initiatives. The mindset is marked by conscientiousness, openness, and extraversion, essential traits for a leader in innovative and dynamic fields. Socially, the individual fosters cohesion, engagement, and respect, which are critical for successful team dynamics and organizational leadership.

Soft Skills Analysis
  • The individual possesses strong soft skills, including effective communication, strategic thinking, and the ability to inspire and lead teams. Their academic and professional background indicates a capacity for complex problem-solving and an aptitude for continuous learning and innovation.

Proximal Soft Skills Possibilities
  • Considering their background and achievements, enhancing skills in areas like emotional intelligence, cross-cultural communication, and mentorship could further augment their leadership and organizational impact.

Challenge Analysis
  • The main challenges might include managing the balance between innovation and practical implementation, ensuring sustainability in rapidly evolving fields, and leading diverse teams in complex, multidisciplinary environments.

Marketplace Analysis
  • In the high-tech and AI sectors, continuous innovation, adaptability to market trends, and effective risk management are crucial. The individual's background positions them well to navigate these challenges.

Overall Guidance
  • To maintain and enhance their impact, the individual should focus on leveraging their strong leadership and innovative skills while staying abreast of technological and market trends. Emphasizing sustainability, both in environmental and organizational terms, will be key. Engaging in continuous professional development and fostering a culture of learning and adaptability within their organizations will be instrumental in sustaining long-term success and impact.

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